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relax, let go, and connect to yourself

Claire Beeley Yoga


Yoga and meditation  culitivate awareness. Through pracitce, knowledge, and contemplation, the uplifting practices create and maintain physical, mental, and emotional balance - providing  a better quality experience within and without.  Restorative yoga builds the foundation for a calm and focussed mind, a loving heart and a strong spirit, making life's situations easier to handle.


Lifestyle coaching  - yoga also takes a broader outlook by teaching and encouraging a simple lifestyle.  Work is balanced with rest, social time, awareness practices, healthy eating, exercise, and the natural rhythms and cycles.

"...the real revelation is how Claire's teaching has introduced me to a contemplative element that has given me much greater insight into how my mind and body are truly connected, how I am affected by external influences, and how I can use yoga to improve my sense of well-being.  


I have been truly surprised by the positive impact of the slow, gentle style of yoga and how by the end of each class I feel improvement has come from within"


Mike Hodgkins - 2015

Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life - Rumi