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Claire Beeley Yoga

Hi, I'm Claire Beeley and I love sharing yoga.  When I discovered yoga in the late 90's it was so needed.  I was juggling a demanding job in a London health club, a freelance personal training business, and training as a life coach.  I was ambitious, competative, curious, searching, and needing to know everything.


Oversubscribed?  YES, and heading for burnout. My body ached, my energy was low (though I was fit strangely), and I was tense.


I came out to Gloucestershirte for some accupunture and found myself in a yoga class, then a philosophy class on the nature of the mind.  It was a whirlwind life changing weekend where all my interests and work so far just morhed into one thing - yoga.


Here's what I found: the first thing we did was lie down and breath properly - WHAT?  My body soaked it up, and I felt genuinely centred, calm, and suprisingly energised.  I instantly new living life from this place would be healthyl; I felt connected back to myself. But how did it work without all the hard work and sweat I was used to?  A complete re-learning began, in balance and subtle qualities like stillness and introspection, essential for understanding yourself.


Living and teaching yoga and meditation for over 18 years, with continual development in the UK and India, inspires and supports the gradual and often challenging process of change. It has given me the skills and experience over time as I have grown from roots up, to guide and support my students achieve what matters to them, and to know what is needed to help them regain health, make sense of things, and be happy.  


I work on a one to one basis and with groups, from both my studio in Chalford and within companies and organisations.

“Never forget the purpose and goal of your life. The will for the great discovery should always be there above you, above what you do and what you are, like a huge bird of light dominating all the movements of your being” - The Mother

"... I heartily recommend Claire to anyone looking to change their lives, for whatever reason, at a fundamental or seemingly less deep level. I can guarantee that when you leave a session you will feel calmer and more ‘aligned’ than you did when you started …….and what a lovely feeling that is...."


Sian Gardner

Management Consultant